Argent: Mancers of the University

Expansion till Argent: The Consortium med massor av nya spännande moduler att använda i spelet och en ny faktion med stöd för omgångar med upp till hisnande 6 spelare!

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Argent: Mancers of the University is an expansion to Argent: The Consortium featuring a new candidate, new rooms, and a bunch of new spells, treasures, apprentices, and supporters.

Technomancy is the school of magic that deals with observable, repeatable phenomenon. Technomancers themselves don’t use magic, but they build devices that contain, process, and manipulate the natural magical energy of the world. The Department of Technomancy encompasses three schools:

Alchemy – Mystical biology and medicine, the creation of homunculi, and the transmutation of base elements.
Mechanics – The creation of fantastic machines that defy the laws of physics by magical means.
Artifice – The binding of enchantments to magical gear, creating items that have powerful mystical properties.

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