Francis Drake: The Expansions

Expansion till Francis Drake som innehåller regler och komponenter för 2 och 6 spelare, samt båda de tidigare expansionerna Spain’s Revenge och Montezuma’s Legacy!


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The Francis Drake Expansion Box Set includes rules and components for 2 players and 6 players. It also includes the previously published Spain’s Revenge and Montezuma’s Legacy Expansions.

Spain’s Revenge
Spain’s Revenge is an Expansion set of tiles to replace the Spanish Troops and the Spanish Frigates to give more strength to the forts and the best admirals to guard the treasure fleet on the course toward the Spain.

Montezuma’s Legacy
Montezuma’s Legacy is an Expansion to replace the Spanish Galleons and the Jewel accompanying the Spanish Galleon. The Jewel is replaced on each voyage with the Aztec Relic. If a galleon is captured, the relic goes in the player’s treasure chest and it’s scored at the end of the game.

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