Ashes: Downfall – Remastered Edition *preorder*

Förbokning, i lager i början av Juni! Första settet i Ashes Cykeln med 65 nya kort med tre nya identiteter! Totalt 195 kort.

429 kr

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It happened without warning, out of a clear evening sky. The neons of New Angeles were flickering to life, as an equatorial twilight sped across the city. Events progressed broken and disordered. A strobing light directly overhead, like a drive flame where no ship should be. A rain of carbon shards shattering windows and downing hoppers in Manta, molten and twisted into tortured forms. Cayambe rung with a bone-shaking vibration, as if someone had capriciously plucked a planet-sized guitar.

The world hangs by a narrow thread, made of dreams and faith and reinforced buckyweave. No one realises how narrow that connecting string is… until someone tries to cut it.

Downfall is a 65-card expansion, the first half of the Ashes Cycle, and the first Null Signal original Netrunner set. It features all-new art and graphic design and contains card designs that are equal parts fresh and familiar.

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