Parhelion: Borealis – Part 2

Andra settet i Borealis-cykeln med 63 nya kort med fyra nya identiteter, som expanderar mekaniken från Midnight Sun! Totalt 184 kort + Player Aids. Från Null Signal Games (tidigare NISEI).

429 kr

2 i lager

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A calm swept the eroded tundra, an exhalation after a blizzard had rolled through with its howling swirls. The distant mountains were cloaked, hooded by their icy caps of silent fear, framed by waning light as the sun hid behind frozen peaks. The sound of nothing was almost as crushing as the cacophony of the

Parhelion is the second set of the Borealis Cycle, which began with Midnight Sun.The hackers, thieves, and eco-terrorists of the Arctic have wounded the corporations; in return, the corporations lash out, hunting down the perpetrators.

Parhelion contains 63 brand-new cards, including four new identities, and expands on the mechanical ideas introduced in Midnight Sun.

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