Thunderstone Advance: Caverns of Bane

Den första expansionen till Thunderstone Advance som går ner i underjorden! Med fler än 250 kort och nya hjältar så är det här rejält med bang for the buck för alla Thunderstone-älskare där ute!


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The trail leads to Cheah Dell, fortress-city over the ancient dwarven cavernhome. The dwarves dwell here now, driven out by oozes and worms led by the Ichor King.

Deeper let lairs Mowtil, Lord of the Black Flame – bolstered by a Thunderstone, guarded by a legion of Doomknights. Will you face the djinni, defeat his sinister plot, and help the Dwarves of Caligin reclaim their rightful home?

Following on the heels of Thunderstone Advance: Towers of Ruin, the game goes underground in Thunderstone Advance: Caverns of Bane. The first three Thunderstone Bearers have been defeated, and in the aftermath, the adventurers find clues leading to the abandoned Dwarven kingdom of Caligin, beneath the fortress at Cheah Dell.

Caverns of Bane contains new challenges and allies in the growing Thunderstone Advance game: vicious burrowing worms, horrifying bat monsters, and regenerating subterranean trolls – six new monster groups in all. Monsters now carry treasure and use it against you – but when you slay them, you can claim the treasure and use it a new way when playing it from your hand. Three new Thunderstone Bearers provide an extra challenge.

Thunderstone Advance: Caverns of Bane also includes seven new heroes and 14 new village cards.

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