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After a devastating global financial crisis, the nations of the world are down on their knees. To the rescue comes nine political parties hell bent on majority and the transition to progressive democracy…since dictatorship has that bad ring to it.

In Världsregeringen all players take on the role as one of these nine omnipotent parties and commence in a “friendly” power struggle where everybody must go low, just not as low as their opponents, in the search for new voters that can be swayed.
The game is played for a predefined number of rounds and in each round the players will be able to execute two different actions before it is time for the parties to argue in debates. The actions available to choose from depend on the number of players and range from gathering campaign resources and get rid of skeletons in the closet to buy voters and politicians. And of course, you can also manipulate the media to get an edge before the debate starts…

After the actions have been executed each player will have the opportunity to play two arguments in the debate. The player who did the best job of convincing the public of his or her excellence is the winner of the debate which then earns the party a set of voters.

At the end of the game, the party with the most voters are announced the winner and in the aftermath all other parties will be terminated to spare the public from the hard work of voting ever again…

För 2-4 spelare
60-120 min speltid
Rekommenderad ålder: 12
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