Winter Tales (öppnat ex)

En riktigt unik och kuslig liten skräckpärla till spel där berättandet och sagan står i fokus. Oerhört stämningsfullt och originellt! OBS. Spelet har öppnats men är komplett och i begagnat skick

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Following the victory in the Conflict of Autumn, The Regime of Winter has clutched the Land of Fairy Tales in its cold grasp. Fuelled by hate and fear, Winter aims at extinguishing the flame of Love and the light of Hope under a blanket of snow and the never-ending chill of a winter night. In the winding alleys and the small houses desperately clinging to the hillside of Wintertown, frightened Tales move in the shadows, knowing they cannot allow all Hope for the future to be snuffed out by the cold and ready to fight to drive Winter away and let Spring come again.

In Winter Tales, a storytelling board game, players tell the tale of the conflict between the characters of fairy tales, who represent all that is good and hopeful, and the Soldiers of Winter, who incarnate evil and the fierce cold of Winter. Players will ally themselves with one of the warring Factions, controlling characters and fighting for the comeback of Spring or the suffocation of all hope, bringing on an endless Winter.

Winter Tales is an ever-changing game as each time the players will tell a completely different story, creating a shared plot.

För 3-7 spelare
90 min speltid
Rekommenderad ålder: 10
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